• AI-Powered Decision Support for Capital and Infrastructure Projects

    Read our latest customer success story, where our customer achieved 245% increase in risk precision, 73% reduction in workload and 63% reduction in process time

    • The great thing about Nodes & Links' Aegis is that it drills down to the root causes that harm productivity and flags them automatically. It really helps to support our project decisions
      David Nash
      Founding Partner, Laminar Projects
    • Nodes & Links' Aegis platform takes our efforts in automated reporting to the next level , automating more of the schedule reporting process and augmenting the process of identifying emerging risk
      Jonathan Kirby
      Senior Data Services Manager, A14 Delivery Team
    • Nodes & Links' approach to tackling the challenge of project complexity is the biggest breakthrough in project risk management since the introduction of Quantitative Risk Analysis
      Mike Bartlett
      Head of Enterprise Risk, HS2

    Nodes & Links’ Aegis platform helps project experts make better decisions using data-driven predictions and visualisations

    AI-Powered Recommendations

    Get answers that were never accessible before. Sophisticated models, made simple.

    Ease of Use

    Anyone can generate insights with just a few clicks. No barriers, just answers.

    Fast Analytics

    Uncover answers in minutes rather than hours by harvesting the power of the cloud. Immediate answers, better decisions.

    Smart Dashboards

    Meaningful dashboards, automatically generated with best practice in mind. Prioritised insights, no digging around.

    Save Time

    Focus on the decisions that matter by cutting process workload by 4x. Less repetition, more intelligence.

    Empowering Teams

    All your team members can explore your project in a secure and controlled way. Think as a team, not as individuals.

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