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The world operates through projects. Every glass of water we drink, every bridge we walk across, every phone we charge is the result of a project. And every project requires hundreds – if not thousands – of tasks to be performed in order to be completed. One late task will cost you.

Nodes & Links helps clients across a variety of sectors automate their analyses, skirt risk, and reduce project overruns.

Industries We Serve

Construction & Infrastructure

It’s estimated that we need to build 13,000 buildings each day between now and 2050 to support an expected population of 7 billion people living in cities. That’s a lot of projects for not nearly enough managers.

Unlimited project and schedule uploads means those working on multiple projects can get a complete overview of their portfolio and reduce unnecessary time spent on tedious tasks, making better use of their skills and being more efficient.

Aerospace & Defense

From creating aircrafts to building complex weapons, aerospace and defense companies are constantly in high demand and require thorough project controls to meet government and industry standards.

Efficiently and effectively determining DCMA health scores, pinpointing critical activities, and tracking carbon emissions are some of the myriad ways in which Nodes & Links makes life easier for project management professionals.


The sheer size and scale of energy projects means it has substantial economic and environmental implications, which is why these projects are highly regulated by local governments and must meet specific criteria.

Being both extremely time-consuming and resource-intensive, energy projects require the utmost care when looking at risk management so as to reduce cost, delays, and resources as much as possible. Nodes & Links Risk Subscription provides managers a one-stop shop for keeping their project running smoothly.

Oil & Gas

Recent reports have stated that the global oil & gas EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) market is expected to grow from $49.58 billion in 2022 to $80.77 billion by 2029.

With the industry’s impact on economic growth combined with the humanitarian pressure to meet environmental standards, there is a need for projects to be within budget and sustainably delivered. With Nodes & Links, oil & gas companies can keep up with the increasing demands while also keeping track of their carbon footprint.


Overseeing and managing pharmaceutical projects means liaising with many different partners, suppliers, and associates while meeting a variety of tight regulations. It’s no easy feat, especially when considering the local and global health codes involved.

Ease of collaboration and project transparency, combined with immediate health checks and progress tracking means pharmaceutical project managers can share, update, and make critical decisions quickly and confidently.

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