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Greg Lawton

co-founder & CEO

Greg Lawton is an Astrophysicist who spent the last 7 years of his career in BAE Systems (UK). He managed large defence programmes (£100M+), advised the Board of Directors on International Strategy, and owned key relationships with the UK Government and MoD.

Dr. Christos Ellinas

co-founder & CTO

Holds a doctorate in Complex Systems from Bristol University (UK), where he was a faculty member, and was a Visiting Professor at Stevens Institute (USA). His research is award winning, has been published in leading scientific journals and industry guides, has attracted EU and industry funding and has been piloted across several large-scale projects.

Adamos Hadjiadamos

Full Stack Developer

Software developer with a Masters in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Computer Science from Imperial College London (UK). He has over 9 years of experience primarily developing enterprise software in the financial services industry.

Alexandros Hadjixenophontos


Software developer with a Master in Computer Science from the University of Queen Mary (UK). He has over 8 years of experience in enterprise software and web applications development.

Alexandros Mannari

Full-Stack Developer

A technology oriented electrical engineer with experience in software development in full stack applications as well as academic experience in electrical power system analysis. Graduated from the University of Manchester with MPhil and MEng degrees in electrical and electronic engineering, Alex is passionate about the mitigation of climate change through innovative technologies.

Dr. Alexei Vazquez


World-renowned network scientist (90 papers, 2 books) with a PhD in Statistical Physics from the International School of Advanced Studies (Italy). He has over 20 years experience at world-leading institutions such as the Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton) and the CRUK Beatson Institute. He has a track record of making key contributions in understanding what makes harmful things flow in networked systems, and how to mitigate them.

Andreas Paradisiotis


Software developer with a Master in Cognitive Systems from the Open University (Cyprus). Over 10 years of experience across both B2C and B2B software. Passionate about distributed technologies, data wrangling, and machine learning.

Benedek Farkas


Tech-savvy Solution Engineer with a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Manchester (UK). With a track record of leading customer and business success for enterprise customers.

Ceci Graziati


Originally a Marketeer, her passion led her over People Ops where she focuses on improving how teams work within and between functions. An advocate of fast and agile processes, Ceci is helping N&L scale ops in an effective and efficient way.

Charitos Andreou


Software Developer turned SQA, with a Bachelor in Computer Science from Bolton (UK). Charitos is obsessed with finding bugs and killing them, whether it is manually or via automation using Groovy, Java and Selenium.

Dr. Christopher Wright


Chris has a PhD from the University of Cambridge (UK) in the development of an Ultrafast Laser Ultra-Precision laser platform. He has experience in data-centric views of improving algorithms, and is obsessed in making code more modular and performant.

Dr .Chrysostomos Marasinou


Chrysostomos is a Data Scientist with a PhD in Theoretical Physics from UCLA (USA). As a Postdoctoral Scholar at UCLA, he conducted research in the field of Breast Cancer AI and disseminated his work in high-impact conferences.

Fotis Achilleos

Automation Engineer

Software Developer turned SQA, with a Bachelor in Computer Science from University of Cyprus (CY). Fotis loves finding bugs, but usually they find him.

George Dimitriou


Software Engineer with a Masters in Advanced Software Engineering from the University of Sheffield (UK). He has 10 years of experience in the design and development of large scale software systems in finance.

Dr. Georgios Kalogridis

Head of AI

Dr. Georgios Kalogridis is a world-renowned data & algorithms expert (33 patents), with a doctorate in Mathematics from Royal Holloway (UK). He has over 19 years of experience in corporate R&D and agile development that resulted in multi-millions in value creation. He has a track record of successful leadership of software development and product design teams.

Dr. Hidayet Zaimaga


Holds a doctorate in Signal Processing and Imaging from the University of Paris-Saclay (France). She has worked on a wide range of challenges in the banking sector, from audits on financial crime to transformation strategies around data management.

Iacopo Pozzana


Data Scientist with a Master in Theoretical Physics from the University of Pisa (Italy) and is completing his doctorate at Birkbeck, University of London (UK). Iacopo’s research has been featured in technical journals and at international conferences in Network Science and Complexity Science.

Dr. Kajari Gupta


Holds a doctorate in Physics from IISER Pune, India and has Postdoc experience from Complex systems department, Institute of Computer Science, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague. Her overall research experience/interest includes non-linear dynamics, network science, causality related to time scales in the context of brain dynamics/Complex systems. Her research is published in scientific journals in Non linear dynamics, time series analysis.

Katerina Vasileiou


Software developer with a bachelor in Physics from the University of Cyprus (CY). She has over 5 years of experience in the design and development of web applications for the gaming industry.

Dr. Kostas Sakellariou


Holds a doctorate in Applied Mathematics from the University of Western Australia (Australia) and a Masters from Oxford University (UK). He was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of New South Wales (Australia). Kostas’ research has been published in leading scientific journals in Nonlinear Dynamics, Complex Networks and Time series Analysis.

Maddalena Andriolo


Maddalena has an Economics degree (with laude) from Verona, Italy (remember Romeo Juliette?) and is an ACCA Chartered Accountant. She loves finance and is driven in building functions that run smoothly whilst scaling.

Matt Barnard

Alliances Manager

Creative, passionate, adaptable, hardworking, and customer-centric sales professional. For my last few roles, I’ve specialised in finding, supporting, training, enabling and leveraging external partnerships to drive software sales revenue. Basically, I build relationships with other organisations to help increase our sales. Ex-Oracle Construction & Engineering Business Unit, and before that, Aconex.

Dr. Michael Mourao


Mathematician turned software developer, with a doctorate in Mathematics from Warwick University (UK) and a Masters from Cambridge University (UK). He has over 6 years of experience in delivering enterprise-level, cloud-based applications to international organisations.

Monica Pereira


Monica has a Masters in Illustration from Escola Superior Artística do Porto (Portugal). She has over 7 years of experience in the graphic design industry in a multidisciplinary perspective - print, editorial, digital, motion graphics, video and illustration.

Panayiotis Pavlides


Computer scientist turned designer, Panayiotis is passionate in solving complex product design challenges. Loves exploration, questioning and collaboration with people from different disciplines to produce impactful deliverables.

Panteleimon Stamatakis


With a versatile background ranging from investment banking & B2B e-shops, to the gaming industry and being a certified penetration tester, Panteleimon is a product aficionado. He has a Bsc in Computer Science (University of Macedonia) and an Msc in Robotics (International Hellenic University)

Paraskevas Kleanthous


Holding the title of the youngest member in the team, Paraskevas appeared out of the blue as a summer intern in 2020. Whilst working on his Masters from the University of Aberdeen (UK), he is working across a number of aspects on the Nodes & Links platform.

Pinelopi Constantinou


Software developer with a bachelor in Computer Science from the University of Strathclyde (UK). Pinelopi has 2 years of experience in the industry. You can say she is a newbie, but hey, even the greatest were one, right?

Raluca Stoica


Originally trained as a Civil Engineer at the Technical University of Civil Engineering at Bucharest (Romania), Raluca decided to choose a different path. She has 5 years experience supporting C/VP-level Executives. She has extensive experience with all administrative tasks and providing comprehensive support.

Soufiene Chahbani


Computer engineer turned product owner with a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Tunis (Tunisia). He has over 4 years of experience in project and product management. Prior to joining Nodes & Links, Soufiene was a product owner at IBM Dallas, where he worked on an educational game for students interested in getting into computer science.

Srid Guniyangodage


Srid has over 13 years’ experience helping brands to adopt and use innovative technology. He is collaboration and results oriented and here to make sure you achieve success with Nodes & Links.

Stelios Avramidis


Computer Engineer turned Product Manager with a Masters in Digital Games from University of Malta (Malta). He has over 6 years of experience driving the release of over 14 digital products with a budget in the range of tens of millions of dollars for companies such as Sega, Microsoft and Sony.

Stephen Rennick

Business Development Lead

Stephen is a proven sales leader with over 10 years of experience in both consultative and technical sales experience. He's worked in both B2B Enterprise sales for SaaS, Managed & Professional services, as well as B2B SMB/SME sales for Digital Marketing Software & Services. A goal-oriented individual with decisive leadership qualitive, Stephen brings a track record of consistent over-achievement across various industries.

Vasos Koupparis


Software developer with a bachelor in Computer Science from the University of Surrey (UK). He has over 5 years of experience in web application development and architecting solutions on cloud services for both individuals and enterprises.

Wayne Tritton


BSc in European Business Studies with Technology and German. Passionate about tech, champion of sustainability. Ex-Tesla, ex-3dfx. Has recruited globally across a wide variety of sectors. Obsessed with hiring established or emerging top talent and growing companies.

William Sumner


Will attained a BA honours in Music before proceeding into sales and introducing himself to entrepreneurship during spare hours. After many ups and downs he has gained the knowledge and experience to achieve goals set by either company or self. He’s an avid believer in working hard to gain what’s hard to achieve. He has the mindset to adapt to any changes quickly and the modern knowledge to attract success.

Luke Manley


Originally from Hove, Luke spent six years in Spain working in sales as a Headhunter, specialising within the SaaS industry and building teams of “A players” within GTM teams across Startups Globally. He then transitioned into SaaS with the goal of working for a leading start up, after just over a year in the Cyber space, he joined Nodes & Links as a Business Development Representative.

Dr. Christin Gaedtke


She has a Masters and Ph.D in Physics, and some excellent previous sales experience in a SaaS company where she was building the German market from scratch, closed many deals and gained some fantastic experience in performing demos. In her personal time, she loves sailing, horse riding and running.

Fofee Papadopoulou


Fofee has over 15 years of experience delivering growth programs for startups and scale-ups in the tech industry.

Kyriakos Nikolaou


Kyriakos earned his Electrical Engineer and MEng Energy Technology & Sustainable Design at the University of Cyprus. He has been working as a QA until 2015 in Telecommunication, Information Technology, and Banking Services.

Marinos Nicolau


Software Developer with a Bachelors in Computer Science and a Masters in Cybersecurity. He has 3 years of experience in the development of Progressive Web Applications and CMS Platforms in the fields of Education, Sports and Management.

Mike Grover


B2B copywriter with over a decade's experience in writing for a broad range of tech companies. With a B.A. in Philosophy and an M.A. in Technical Communication, Mike is hooked on making B2B communications fit for human consumption.

Nicholas Collier-Webb


Software developer with a bachelor in Computing from the University of Plymouth. Has over 6 years experience in industry as a web developer.

Sasha Proklova


Before joining Nodes & Links, Sasha worked in recruitment for a number of years to great success. Fluent in three languages, Sasha is an expert communicator and people person and is excited to apply her talents to building out the Nodes & Links business development team.

Sofia Lorenzo


A finance fanatic with over four years experience as an Accounts Assistant. Sofia has a real passion for making sure her spreadsheets are perfect! Studying towards her ACCA, she is determined to grow further. She likes to tackle anything with a positive outlook, as well as being an avid jet setter and plant lady.

Harry Anstock


Ex Pro Golfer moved into Sales. BA in Social Sciences from Uni of York. Competitive and driven

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