How project teams achieve great results with Aegis

From small-size projects to mega-projects, Aegis helps planners achieve their biggest goals, faster.

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What users are saying about Aegis

Here are a few of the many comments we hear from users after experiencing Aegis.

"Aegis allows our planning teams to quickly interpret the programme and to focus on areas that have the greatest potential to impact successful delivery. This is a great solution for the busy planner."

Claire Lepoutre

Head of Planning, Skanska

"I have used Aegis over the past few months and it's the next level in project controls to make quick and informed decisions from our data. Not only do we get instant feedback on the current performance of our programs, but it helps us improve our predictions and focus on what really matters."

Jeancarlo Duran

Project Planner, BAM Nuttall

"The Nodes & Links Aegis platform is great because it brings our key data together in one place and makes it super easy to analyse. It really helps us deliver top-quality planning services and showcase our skill and innovation."

Joao Dias

Planning and Scheduling Expert

"I think this technology will be invaluable and add so much to the project controls. It’s the best tool I’ve seen in a long time as a planner and think you’ll be as excited as me about it when you see it."

Phil Powell

Digital Integration Manager, BAM Nuttal

"The great thing about Nodes & Links' Aegis is that it drills down to the root causes that harm productivity and flags them automatically. It really helps to support our project decisions.  "

David Nash

Founding Partner, Laminar Projects

"Nodes & Links' Aegis platform takes our efforts in automated reporting to the next level, automating more of the schedule reporting process and augmenting the process of identifying emerging risk."

Jonathan Kirby

Senior Data Services Manager, A14 Delivery Team

"Nodes & Links' approach to tackling the challenge of project complexity is the biggest breakthrough in project risk management since the introduction of Quantitative Risk Analysis."

Mike Bartlett

Head of Enterprise Risk, HS2